If a student fails to maintain a cumulative “C” grade, the student will be placed on academic probation for the following term. Failure to earn a minimum “C” grade for the probationary term will result in academic dismissal or extended enrollment status. Students placed on academic dismissal are not eligible for government student aid and may request to change programs, be placed on extended enrollment status or apply for re-entry into their original program based on justifying circumstances. Students claiming justifying circumstances must present supporting documentation. Students placed on extended enrollment status are not eligible for government student aid and must retake class(s) previously failed during the following term(s), if offered, in order to re-establish satisfactory progress. All decisions will be made by the Director regarding acceptance of extended enrollment status, justifying circumstances or academic dismissal.

A student failing to meet the satisfactory standards may appeal based on justifying circumstances (i.e. death in the family, sickness of the student, other circumstances, etc.) if the following conditions are met:

» Student must provide a written reason for the appeal with supporting documentation, to the center Director.
» The Director will determine the validity of the appeal within a week. The student will be advised of the Director’s decision.
» If the appeal is successful, the student will be considered on academic probation for the next term and must meet satisfactory academic progress requirements.
» If the appeal is not granted, or the student fails to progress satisfactorily in the probation period, the student will be academically dismissed.

If a student changes programs or is seeking an additional diploma, generally the qualitative and quantitative standards used to judge academic programs include all periods of a student’s enrollment. Attempted credits and grades earned, which do not apply to a student’s new major, will not be counted towards the new major. If grades earned and credits attempted do apply to the new program then all grades and credits earned will be transferred into the new program. All students must have a minimum “C” grade or GPA of 2.0 for graduation from any program.

A student whose training is interrupted due to unsatisfactory academic progress, and wishes to re-enter, may after one term, receive individual counseling from the Director. A decision will be made regarding the student’s re-entry to the school. A student is who is permitted to re-enter must achieve a 2.0 GPA in to order to maintain satisfactory progress.