Objective:To instruct individuals in area of hemodialysis to provide care to clients in either an acute or chronic setting. The program is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge that is needed to become a professional healthcare provider, providing exceptional care.

Description: The hemodialysis technician works under the supervision of a RN to both initiate and terminate hemodialyisis treatments; treatment is accessed either via catheter (hemodialysis technician accesses as per state regulations), arterovenous fistula or arteriovenous graft. The hemodialysis technician also assists the nurse with monitoring of patients during treatments.

Course Description Hours
 HDT001 Introduction to Hemodialysis Course

This course will give the student an overview of the course and will cover areas such as professional conduct, ethics and laws, roles of healthcare professionals, HIPPA, infections control, occupational hazards, needle stick prevention and patient safety initiatives



This course will define the disease process and prevention.



Introduction to the Dialysis Delivery System

The student will be given an introduction to the dialysis delivery system and includes set up priming of the machine, cleaning and disinfecting and the water treatment system.




This course is designed to assist the student in clinical operations of the dialysis machines and its connections.

 HDT004 Introduction to Hemodialysis Accesses

This course is design to familiarize the student with various hemodialysis accesses and how to care for them.

 HDT004L Laboratory

This course will assist the student with methods of cannulation and accessing of catheter device for cleaning and connection based on state regulations.

 HDT005 Patient Assessment

This course will help the student become familiar with various facial and body languages of clients that is indicative of something being wrong and how the student can react and/or assist the nurse.

 HDT006 Pharmacology

The student will become familiar with certain medications that are used in the hemodialysis setting and their use.

 HDT007 Complications of Hemodialysis

This course is designed to educate the student regarding complications that can occur during hemodialysis and how to implement appropriate care.

 HDT008 Interdisciplinary Team

This course introduces the student to the interdisciplinary team- Nephrologists, nurse, social worker and dietitian.

 HDT009 cpr
This course will teach the student basic life support (BLS) for healthcare provider. Student will be able to assist in life support of an infant, young child or adult.
 HDT010 Trends
This course helps the student to create a resume and prepare for job interview skills. Test taking skills are reviewed.
 HDT010E Externship

The student is assigned to a clinical setting where he/she gets to observe what has been taught in the classroom or given in theory.